Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical system that has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness for over 2000 years. It is thought to have originated in China and has its roots in ancient Taoist traditions. Modern Acupuncture is performed by inserting fine needles into specific points along the body that has been shown to locally relieve pain and globally effect how the brain both functions and interprets bodily signals.

Acupuncture treatment is proven to remedy acute or chronic ailments, relieve pain, enhance recuperative powers, and strengthen the immune system. It is also effective in soothing the mind and balancing the bodies hormones and chemicals.

Did you say needles?! Does it Hurt?

Many people are uncomfortable with Acupuncture because of a fear of needles. However, Acupuncture needles bear little resemblance to the needles used by medical doctors. Acupuncture needles are about as thick as a hair and are flexible enough you can tie a knot with them.  Since our needles are so thin, the experience of being needled is totally unique and rarely painful.  So to answer: sometimes you'll feel a small pinch, but mostly you won't feel anything at all.

Is it going to be like that scene in Sex and the City with 40 needles all over my face?

Um, no.  Dramas are dramatic after all.  In real life the major points we use are on the periphery of the body in the arms and legs.  In a usual treatment we use between 10-15 needles. Sometimes this is near where the problem area is, and sometimes it's in a totally different place.  

How frequently do I have to get it for it to work?

That depends on what's wrong and how long you've had it. The general treatment schedule is weekly, unless the issue is pain related then sometimes it is twice weekly.  Acupuncture can start to work right away, but sometimes it can take 3-4 visits before the fullest effects are felt. 

Cost & Insurance

How much does it cost?

$50.  If you have a student ID it's $40.  Plain and Simple.

What if my insurance covers Acupuncture?

Awesome.  You are a rare breed in the state of PA.  We are unable to bill insurance in this office, but our sister office in Old City can!  Just visit the Healing Arts Center website and schedule there instead. 

About Community

What does "Community" Acupuncture mean?

Acupuncture can be done anywhere, most frequently it's done in a private room with a closed door.  We call our style community because instead of a private room, we have an open area of tables with shoji screens providing a modicum of privacy between each patient.  So it's like the whole community is being treated together. 

Why does that make it better or different?

We think a bunch of people getting acupuncture together is synergistic.  That's a fancy word to say that we think a group of people healing together get more out of it than being enclosed by four walls.  Also, since we can treat more people this way, we can make it more affordable.

What makes HACA unique in Community Acupuncture?

Most other community Acupuncture centers do treatments in a large room with no separation and in plush chairs.  We wanted to make it a little classier by adding the shoji screens to provide a little privacy.  Also, all of our treatments are table based, so we can work on both the front AND the back of the body. 

Is there any privacy in case I need to remove a piece of clothing?

Absolutely.  We have a special table in the back that is completely enclosed by screens that's like a private room just without a ceiling. 

What if I actually want a private room to talk and get treated?

No problem.  Our sister clinic in Old City has you covered.  Visit the Healing Arts Center website to get info and schedule there instead.

Do you treat infertility?

Yes...but we know a few people who do it a little better.  Led by our founder Steve Mavros, the Healing Arts team in Old City has been helping couples conceive for over 15 years and experience is everything in this field, especially for your first visit.  Visit the Healing Arts Center Infertility website to get more information and schedule there first.  You can always do follow up visits at HACA but we think it best to start with the experts.


Does it work?

Yes. There have been so many studies on Acupuncture that have shown ample positive results from pain relief, stress relief to infertility that we'd need to devote a whole website to it.  To give an example, most recently a large systematic review found that patients with pain got relief from Acupuncture more than 50% of the time, compared to 40% for sham Acupuncture (sticking needles in randomly) and 30% for a placebo.  

How does it work?

We know so much, and yet so little.  The real answer is we don't know yet.  We know that there is definitely endorphin release that can relieve pain.  We know the stress hormone cortisol can be modulated to be more stable and thus lead to fewer stress reactions in the body.  We know more things but none really give us the whole answer.  We're working on it. 

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